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CLO Standalone Crack

CLO Standalone Crack is a product of CLO Virtual Fashion Company, a robust 3D apparel and apparel design software. Today, computers play an essential role in the industry, and various sectors use various computational methods and techniques to increase the quality and quantity of their products. It is considered necessary to design new clothing models in the garment industry, respond to customer demands, and create diversity. Knowing this need, programmers and software companies have launched various products to help fashion designers. It establishes a commercial environment for the users. Using this platform, they can make 3d models for the clothes using the unique technology you found here: thousands of ready-made designs you can also select to learn how to create unique models. These ready-made design helps to make the different cultures support it.

CLO Standalone Patch is one such product that has captivated many customers with its capabilities. In this program, you can efficiently perform all the steps of clothing design, from designing the initial pattern to Sewing, measuring, changing the clothing material, finally adjusting the size, color, etc. One of the advantages of creating with the help of this software is the possibility of displaying clothes in three dimensions with different dolls. In this way, the designer applies the changes he wants to the clothes very quickly and sees the result on the body of the desired mannequin with a single click. Repeat until you reach the desired result. This program will guide the user on how to make the models for a man or woman; you can select the design accordingly. It provides the image result in HD quality, which shows every aspect briefly, so this program is best for the garments maker; by using this app, they can create unique and different designs to increase the sale and make the brand famous.

CLO Standalone Crack With License Key 2022

CLO Standalone Keygen a dress, you can see it from different angles. All changes are shown live, and there is no news about the old and tedious method. Using this program will significantly increase the design speed. Without incurring the cost of building a physical model, you can perform all the steps in 3D on the computer and, after ensuring quality accuracy, physically prepare the product for mass production. What to do. Revolutionize your design process with accurate 3D garment simulation. Get it done faster, improve accuracy, shorten your schedule, and expand your design capabilities. Using this software, you can choose or create a unique design for clothing for yourself and your loved ones. As you know, it is a time of technology. Every person enjoys the latest features of technology which makes life more manageable and accessible, so there is a chance for you to select your clothes design by yourself and create them.

CLO Standalone Product Key allows you to see changes in 2D patterns, colors, textures, and final details in a quick simulation. CLO software provides many features and capabilities to increase the quality of designs by reviewing and modifying designs in the development process. Other features of this software include that novice users can get familiar with it and quickly draw their plans. Online educational resources and videos are also regularly provided to explain how to work with this software. CLO Standalone Crack accurately simulates delicate fabrics and textures, such as light textures and materials of different characteristics. This program can be installed on all Windows devices with full support. It can also be worked efficiently on the Mac version supported devices, so this is an excellent opportunity to make a better design for yourself and your loved ones.

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Key Features:

  • Configurator
  • Modular Template Files
  • Sewing Blocks
  • Edit Block Components
  • Real-Time Sync/Simulation
  • Real-Time Garment Move
  • High-Definition Garment
  • Pattern Layer
  • Pattern Sublayer
  • Sewing Layer
  • Fold Pattern
  • Fold Seam Lines
  • 3D Line on Pattern
  • Cute 3D PPatternFlattening
  • Select Single/Multi Meshes
  • Single/Multi Pins
  • Freeze/Deactivate
  • Strengthen
  • Glue Trim/OBJ
  • Gizmo
  • Arrangement Point
  • Direct Positioning
  • Fold Arrangement
  • Arrange as Flat/Curved
  • Flip Patterns
  • Superimpose
  • Smart Arrangement
  • Create/Edit Pattern
  • AI Curve (Bézier Curve)
  • Symmetric/Instance Design
  • Dart/Pleats Fold
  • Notch
  • Trace
  • Symbol/Annotation
  • Seam Allowance
  • Reference Lines
  • Add Pattern Size
  • Edit Pattern Size
  • Patten Size Table
  • Segment Sewing
  • Free Sewing
  • M: N Sewing
  • Sewing Notch
  • symmetric Sewing
  • lack of Garment
  • Tack on Avatar
  • Pleats Sewing
  • Fabric Kit
  • Emulator
  • Image Open/Save
  • Edit Color Swatch
  • Physical Properties
  • Nonlinear Simulation
  • Set Fabric Thickness
  • Zipper
  • Button/Button Hole
  • Elastic
  • Glue Trim/OBJ
  • Custom Trim/OBJ
  • Scale Trim/OBJ
  • Topstitches (OBJ/Image)
  • Piping
  • OBJ Weight
  • Puckering
  • Bond/Skive
  • Steam
  • Solidify
  • Pressure
  • Edit Avatar Style
  • Edit Avatar Size
  • Avatar Measurement
  • Avatar Tape
  • Edit Avatar Pose (FK/IK)
  • Edit Arrangement Point
  • Avatar Skin Offset
  • Avatar Friction
  • 2D Pattern Measure
  • 3D Garment Measure
  • Check 2D Sewing length
  • Transparent Map
  • Pressure Points
  • Strain/Stress Map
  • Fit Map
  • 1:1 View
  • 3D State History
  • Create Colorways
  • Edit Textures/Colors
  • Color Name Input
  • Viewer Mode
  • Print Layout 2D Snapshot
  • Arranging Patterns
  • Roll Width Settings
  • thumbnail image::
  • High-Quality Render
  • Single/Multi Images
  • Turntable Images
  • Turntable Video
  • Light Properties
  • Render Properties
  • Record
  • Play
  • Edit
  • Animation Video Capture
  • Web-based communication platform
  • Safely Upload & Share Files
  • Create Line sheet
  • Gizmo Settings
  • Setting Light
  • Setting Wind Effect
  • Camera Settings
  • Setting Custom View
  • Setting Ground
  • Format 3D Background
  • Simulation Properties
  • Language
  • Unit
  • Grid/Snap
  • Smart Guide
  • Tablet Preset
  • Multiple Program Windows
  • Window/Toolbar Layout
  • AI/PDF
  • Auto Refresh Graphic with AI
  • BOM (XML)
  • OBJ
  • OpenCollada
  • FBX
  • LXO
  • Alembic
  • Animation (MC, PC2, MDD)
  • Color Swatch (ACO)

What’s New?

  • ColorDigital | DMIX Cloud Linkage & Compatible with Material: Simply click and drag materials or colors from Color Digital’s DMIx cloud and apply them to CLO’s garments. DMIx Cloud manages different forms of digitized materials, accessories, and colors.
  • Render | Metalness & Alpha Map (PBR Material): Partially express metallics or transparency of garments. The map works in PBR, which is compatible with other 3D applications that support PBR.
  • [Coming Soon] Zipper Improvements: Separate teeth and tape, register custom OBJ, and add YKK metal preset.
  • Create Graphic Over Seamline: Create graphics over multiple Patterns.
  • [Coming Soon] Nest Patterns | Spacing Patterns: Set the allowance between Patterns when nesting.
  • Fullness & Pleats Improvement: Move or rotate Internal Lines and Baselines by the enlarged pattern
  • Create Curved Point of Measure: Create a curved Point of Measure and measure the length of hems, armholes, etc.
  • Cuboid Arrangement Bounding Volume: Create cuboid or rounded cuboid Arrangement Bounding Volumes.
  • Compatible With Wacom 3D Pen: Use Wacom 3D Pen to control the 3D viewer without different key combinations.
  • News Notifications in CLO: Check all news about CLO inside the program.
  • Log in via SSO: To Enterprise clients only, OnlineAuth supports SSO login.
  • The crash that occurred intermittently when exiting the program after changing to colorway mode
  • Crash during the exposure of the welcome window while running the program
  • The impact that occurred when Undo and Redo after fullness in Topstitch generated pattern rash when undoing after modifying Avatar Skin Offset
  • Crash when changing after loading CLO 6.0 basic costume file in CLO 5.2
  • Issue of overall UI reaction speed slowing down in the simulation state
  • Case of specific files produced in CLO 5.1 could not be opened
  • The problem is that auto sewing does not work well when there is a reset arrangement pattern
  • An issue where sewing lines were not created in certain parts in the dart during auto sewing
  • Updated the content of the warning window that appears when the CLO default avatar is not used when Auto Sewing
  • An issue where a specific OBJ file was placed at the origin when creating after Register Button
  • An issue where the texture of the back of the fabric was not visible in Review mode
  • An issue where the button disabling when the deletion of size after updating the Pair Avatar tab of grading
  • An issue where the added avatar was deleted when the measure was changed after adding an avatar
  • while the avatar was loaded for each grading size
  • An issue with Bezier Curve distortion when moving a point in Half Symmetry Pattern
  • Issue of corresponding value not being able to be maintained when copying the pattern after
  • The issue where compression failed while saving the garment file
  • Case of background image appearance when UV baking
  • Case of Schematic Render Seamline placed out from the pattern issue of producing Off result when creating Topstitch in 3D window Quality Render On
  • Case of 3D pen cracking when cutting pattern after 3D pen creation
  • Point of Change Heels not working in V1 avatar
  • The issue where Undo and Redo do not work correctly after Steam
  • An issue where the simulation shape of the zipper changed when modifying the pattern after loading a garment with the zipper
  • A problem that does not return to the original state when initializing after changing the pivot position and the angle in the Texture Editor
  • The point where the number changed in the POM does not get saved
  • The problem is that when there are multiple Stitch Counts during Schematic Rendering, it is not scaled to the original shape
  • Issue of not getting applied immediately upon Apply All when loading the JEAN file
  • A problem with the ratio not maintained when using the normal map to the graphic
  • An issue where part of the avatar’s hair became transparent when adding a graphic to the pattern. The problem with the picture of the design created with Topstitch was displayed in black in UV Editor mode
  • An issue where tooltip shortcut key disappearance
  • An issue where the decimal point is automatically entered when moving the line segment and end of the pattern with the dimensional input
  • The case where the Tab key does not impact the fields sequentially in the color window
  • The case where the tab of the selected color was not maintained in rerun after choosing a color in the palette library window
  • The point where the icon does not change when selecting the Garment Resolution tool in the 3D toolbar
  • An issue where the history window does not hide in animation mode
  • Case of not immediately closing down when the render window is closed in the interactive rendering state
  • The point where the grading menu appears when right-clicking a pattern in UV Editor mode
  • An issue where the program was expanded more significant than the monitor screen when changing the mode
  • The point where 3D/2D windows could not be placed in the desired location when interacting between dual monitors


  • You can only replace locks live with OOBE compatibility.
  • Enable compatibility to avoid setup problems.
  • ‘low ‘Preparing ‘data’ at 99% in patched Windows 7
  • Improved cumulative update integration to reduce the chance of WU reoffering already integrated CU
  • Diagnostics page now removed with Telemetry removal instead of disabled with Error Reporting discharges.
  • A “dead “Ne” flix” means compatibility.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the user interface from checking for software updates
  • Now eliminating error reporting services does not need to be a lifeline.
  • Add-on Compatibility for Windows Phone Computer Support (32-bit ARM)
  • Addition of Win10 RS3 + scale for Pro with increased output
  • NTLite Full has a People Pack menu.
  • In the Start menu are user thumbnails with a few options
  • Also, add a section where you can open the used items.


  • There are issues when using GPO using defined workstations.
  • Also, the discovery of” the” fax” and “Internet” news.”
  • The Competition Box has moved on “from “Talent Hosting.”
  • Improvement of the Turkish language (Salih DRD)
  • Besides, support for Windows 10 20H1 18912

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CLO Standalone Serial Key + Activator {Latest} Free Download

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System Requirements:

  • Supported OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 /Windows 7
  • Processor: Multicore Intel Series or above, Xeon or AMD equivalent
  • RAM: 4GB (8GB or more recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 4GB or more recommended

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